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Name of the teacher :Prasanth P.G.
Subject : English Class : X School : GHSS Kottodi
Area : Language elements (Questions)
Date : 19 – 07 -2016 Time : 40 minutes
Learning Outcome :

The learner will be able to

1. identify the basic patterns and construct sentences in these patterns.
2. frame 'Wh' and Yes/No' questions
Resource/Materials required :

CB,hand outs

Process Assessment
Activity 3
Wh Question

1.The learners read the sentences and the table
given in the CB.
2.In groups,they match some questions with their
They read out the questions and answers.
3.Teacher writes some incomplete sentences on
the BB and asks them to complete them by
supplying suitable Wh question words.
4.They arrange the words in order to make
5.Teacher provides them some words and asks
them to make as many Wh questions as possible
using the words.
Pen, Teacher,School,Kottodi
6.They attempt the textual exercise.(Framing Wh

Yes/no question

The learners read the note given in the CB
To guess the name of a famous person or
character by asking yes/no questions.(In this
yes/no question game, students guess the name of
a famous person or character by asking the player
maximum yes/no questions. )
A player sits at the front of the class.

The teacher writes the name of a famous person

or character on a piece of paper and gives it to the

The other students take turns to ask yes/no
questions to the player in order to find out his/her
secret identity.

A 'yes' response from the player earns a
questioner another chance to ask one more

When a student correctly guesses the player's
identity, he or she becomes the next mystery

Example questions:

Are you male?

Are you a real person?

Are you an adult?

2.They attempt the textual exercise.(Framing
Yes/no questions)

Home assignment

Read the story 'The Snake and the Mirror' and
make as many questions as possible.

Reflections :

Handout 1
Complete the sentences with the correct Wh Question word.

1.__________ are you excited?

2. ________ are you today ?
3. _________ is your coat ?
4. _________ is she at the moment?
5. _________ is your birthday ?
6. __________ is Mr. Narayanan ?
7. __________ is that man?
8. ___________ are they working?
because I have birthday today.
I’m fine ,thank you.
in the bedroom
at home

in September
55 years old
He is our English teacher.
in the book shop

9. _____________ apples do you have ? three apples
10. ___________ are the children? in the swimming pool
11. ________ is Rani doing ? She is watching TV now.
12. ___________ does your car cost ? 5 lakhs
13. ___________ time is it ? It’s nine o’clock.
14. _____________ are the kids sad? because they don’t go to the cinema.
15. ____________ is the party? at 5 o’clock
16. ___________ friends do you have? I have two good friends.
17. ___________ do they go to school? by bus
18. _____________ do you eat lunch? in the afternoon
19. ___________ is on the desk? A new notebook
20. __________ is in the kitchen? my little brother

Handout 2

Match the sentences.

1.What do you want?

2. What kind of person are you?
3. How do you like your job?
4.What is in your hand?
5. Why are you late?
6.Which season is your favourite?
7.How long will you stay in this town?
8.Whose bag is this?
9.How many bags do you have?
10.When is the bus to Kanhangad?
11.What time did yo reach home?
12.Where do you come from?
13.What kind of songs do you usually
14.How often do you have Biriyani?
15.How far is Kanhangad from here?
16.How old is you brother?

17. How come you didn’t go to the party
last weekend?”
a. I come from Kannur
b. I missed the bus.
c. He is 29 years old.
d. It is 27 kilometres from here.
e. It's Aboobacker's.
f. I have it once in a week.
g. I sing classical songs.
h. Summer is my favourite season.
i. I want a notebook.
j.I like it a lot.
k.It is an apple.
l.I will stay here for two days.
m.I was feeling ill.
n.I am a good person.
o. I reached home in the evening.
p.It is at 10 o' clock.

q.I have two bags.
Handout 3

Arrange the words in order
is / What / it /?
talking / were / you / to / ? / Who
is / Whose / that / ? /car
you / were / Why / late / ?
did / When / working / here / ? /start / you
prefer, / you / tea or coffee /? / do / Which
do / live / Where / you / ?
does / cost / How much / it / ?
do / How / I / to / station? / get / the


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